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Celebrity Homes

Actress Nicole Kidman lives in Nashville for part of the year with her husband, fellow Aussie and singer Keith Urban.

Singer Jessica Simpson also recently purchased a home in the area. Simpsonis set to release her first country-tinged album this year.
Oprah's got 14 bathrooms and 10 fireplaces in this $55 mil Montecito, CA estate.
Oprah Winfrey
Italy's Lake Cuomo, is the preferred home of George Clooney.
Clooney owns two villas on the lake.

Julia Roberts has an estate in New Mexico.
Tom Cruise chooses to escapes to Telluride, Colorado.
J.Lo and Marc Anthony bought a red-roofed palace with seven bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms 12,217 sq. ft.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly bought one of several man-made islands off the coast of Dubai in 2007 for $6 million-plus, according the United Arab Emirates newspaper Emirates Today.
Gov. Arnold and wife Maria Shriver live in a $11.9 million dollar college-like mansion in Brentwood. Casa la vista,

Madonna owns six separate properties in London. She is said to split her time between Los Angeles and England, keeping an apartment in New York as well.
In the summer of 2007, she and Ritchie bought their sixth property: a $12 million, 10-bedroom Georgian townhouse in the posh Marylebone neighborhood.

John Travolta

John Travolta built this $2.5 million dollar Florida house at the end of a private runway in Ocala, Florida, which includes parking for his Boeing 707 and Gulfstream jets.

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Tips on Auto Insurance

Raise your deductible. If you have a $200 deductible on your policy, raising it to $500 could reduce the cost of collision and comprehensive coverage by up to 30%. Raising your deductible to $1,000 could lower your premium by 40% or more.

•Take advantage of discounts. Many insurers provide a discount teenage drivers with a B average or higher in school,

Consult your insurance agent before you buy a car . Premiums vary significantly from one type of car or truck to another . Insurers review several factors, including repair costs, the likelihood the vehicle will be stolen and the model's safety record.

•You can check out different vehicles' ratings at the website for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,

•If you're considering switching insurers, start looking for a new policy well before your current policy comes up for renewal. Many insurers provide an "early shopping" discount.

Don't even think about driving without insurance. Driving while uninsured will cost you a lot more in the long run.

•Shop around. You can shop for quotes at websites such as, or, or by working with an independent insurance agent.

•For more information, go to the consumer website for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners,

Yahoo! Autos

Toyota raising prices on some models in US this month

Toyota Motor the world's second-biggest automaker by annual vehicle sales.
They have just announced that they are raising its prices on some U.S. models later this month amid increased worries about its profit growth in the American market.

The price increases will start in the middle of May, include a hike of $200 on the 2008 Yaris sedan, boosting the cost of the base model to $12,425, with higher prices for models with extra features. The 2009 Camry will go up $200, to $18,920 for a model without any extras .

The base hybrid Camry, introduced as a 2007 model in late 2006, will cost $300 more, at $25,650, Toyota said.

Like other Japanese automakers, Toyota is enjoying sales growth while American automakers are struggling. Soaring gas prices have increased demand for smaller, fuel-efficient cars that Japanese automakers are reputed for. $1.99 Domains

Stamps Increasing by One Cent to 42¢ on May 12

Forever Stamp Will Still Get Your Letter Delivered

WASHINGTON, DC — The price for a one-ounce First-Class stamp will increase from 41 to 42 cents on May 12.

Prices for other mailing services, such as Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services (including single-piece Parcel Post), and Special Services will also change (see chart below). The average increase by class of mail is at or below the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

“The Postal Service developed the Forever Stamp for consumers to ease the transition during price changes,” said Postmaster General John Potter. “We encourage Americans to buy Forever Stamps now for 41 cents, because like the name suggests, they are good forever.” The price goes up to 42 cents on May 12.

The Postal Service has sold 5 billion Forever Stamps since the launch last April and plans to have an additional 5 billion in stock to meet the expected demand before the May price change.

Selected Prices & Services Current New
(Effective May 12)

First-Class Mail Letter (1 oz.)



First-Class Mail Letter (2 oz.)






Large Envelope (2 oz.)



Money Orders (up to $500)



Certified Mail



First-Class Mail International Letter
(1 oz. to Canada and Mexico)



First-Class Mail International Letter
(1 oz. to other countries)



Consistent with a new law*, prices for mailing services will be adjusted annually each May. The Postal Service plans to provide 90 days’ notice before the price changes each year.

New prices for shipping services, including Express Mail and Priority Mail, will be announced in March. Prices for all postal products and services are available at

*The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act

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